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Inside L.S.

Like most good things that develop from an early age, Luscious Soul’s creator and owner Kelly Phillipson was influence by her upbringing of all things Artistic. Her father a Classic 2D Artist who worked for the likes of Disney and Hanna Barbera and is now Publisher of “Bliss On Tap Publishing” along with her Brother the writer and President of the company. Her mother in her own right is just as talented and creative as she is owner and designer of “Kathy’s Kitchens and Baths”.

Its only natural that Kelly fell into Interior Decorating in the late 90s which then led to a career path into the Movie Industry of Makeup Artistry in the early to mid 2000s which then led to the Boutique Lifestyle of today. Branching out on her own only could have happened with the love and support of her family, the Love of her life Brian and her “Soul” mates aka her Besties.

She has married a Love for classic European Lifestyle with the minimalist of California Cool to create Luscious Soul. When you walk into this quaint Boutique you will find a timeless elegance, classic shapes to modern details. Luscious Soul roots its self in Los Angeles where the heart of the Fashion industry and Home Lifestyle are one in the same. She prides herself in being socially conscious in Supporting “locally Made” designers and  “local brick and Mortars” and is a proud member of the 3/50 Project.

Luscious Soul guarantees to ignite all senses and leave its customers in the very least, inspired.